Aluminum Frames Minimalist Modern Dining Table and Chair by Michael Malmborg

Designer Michael Malmborg designing this modern dining set for LYX, designed for people who do not want to compromise on the quality of their dining table and chairs. This Pris chair and Roy dining table made in design and quality that no doubt, give a stylish impression in your dining room interior. Frames are used to form a table and chairs made of thick polished aluminum, and for a seat covered with a white seat, adjusted for the frame, has the beauty and comfort as well as functional. Seats are in Pris name is also available with or without arms, with low backs or High temperatures as an option. Design a table made of thick wood with aluminum frame, has a size that can be extended which can accommodate 60-10 seats, making it very flexible and functional. The movement of the shift table to add length to use the latest magnetic technology, so it is more subtle and provide maximum comfort. More information visit LYX.

roy dining table and pris chair modern design for elegant dining room

modern aluminum frames dining furniture set design

roy modern minimalist dining table aluminum frames design

pris minimalist modern dining chair aluminum frames design

modern minimalist dining set design by NYX

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